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International Champion JaPaCa's Royal Impressions!!!
(Retired from JaPaCa's Breeding Program)


CHIC #:52707 
Cerf - FBU-852/2007& 2009- Normal OFA 
OFA Spine- 1 Hemivertebra at T6 
OFA Hip - FBU-367F24F-VPI - Fair 
OFA Cardiac - FBU-CA421/13F/P-VPI-ECHO - Normal 
OFA Patella - FBU-PA544/13F/P-PI - Normal
The Animal Health Trust (UK) - FB61 -
This dog is CLEAR of  Hereditary Cataract (DNA) 

2-23-2007 - Wallkill Kennel Club, Inc. - Judge: Mrs. Toby B. Frisch - 4 Point Major

6-23-2007 - Mid-Hudson Kennel Association, Inc. - Judge: Mr. Jon R. Cole - 2 Points

7-15-2007 - Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Inc. - Judge: Mrs. Lenora M. Riddle - 2 Points 

7-16-2007 - Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Inc - Judge: Mr Zell Von Pohlman - WB/BW/BO - 2 Points

10-5-2007 -  Hatboro Dog Club, Inc. -  Judge: Mr. John F. Booth - WB/BW - 2 Points

5-06-2007 - Trini takes best Junior Puppy in the 1st Rarities show of the day, then went on to win BJP, BP, BREED over adults, and a GROUP 3 at the 2nd Rarites show!!

7-01-2007 - Trini picks up two more points to gain her International Championship at the Rarities Show!!!!

 Owned and Loved by Jackie & Caroline, co-owned by Pam

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