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 Puppy Request Form


If you are interested in a puppy from us, we need to know some things about you. We are very selective on where our puppies go! Please fill out this application and submit it to us. Please note: Filling out an application does NOT mean you will get a puppy.

Pet quality puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract with limited AKC Registrations


***Puppies are ready to leave for their new homes once reaching 12 to 13 weeks of age, NO EXCEPTIONS!***
We follow Colorado State University, Dr. W. Jean Dodds Minimal Vaccine use Protocol )

  All information is strictly confidential.  
(Questions marked with an asterisk * are required)
* Name:
* Address:
* City & State:
* Zip: 
* Phone #:
* Email:
* Color Preference(s):?
Fawn or Cream
White & Brindle Piebald
White & Fawn Piebald
Fawn with Black Mask
Any Color
* Age Preference:
* Personality Preference:
* Do you prefer a male or female? Why?
* Show or Companion?
* Companion puppies will go home on a limited registration, which means it MUST be spayed/neutered. Is this ok with you?
Yes     No
* Number of children in household & ages?
* Do you have any tenants or relatives living with you?
* Does everyone in household want this puppy?
* Will this puppy be for a child?
Yes     No
* Is he/she ready for this responsibility?
Yes     No
Please understand we ask this because dogs are not temporary, nor are they teachers of "the miracle of life" please ask yourself what will happen when your child gets bored with his new toy, or you find that your child is just not capable of caring for a living being in the way that only mature adults can.


* How many hours will your puppy be alone during the day/night if you work outside of your home?
* Where will the puppy be during the day?
* Where will he/she sleep at night?
* Do you believe in crate training?
Yes     No
* Why or Why Not?
* Where will the puppy go when the family is on vacation?
* How long have you lived at your current address?
* Which best describes the type of house do you live in?
* Do you own your home? 
Yes     No                                                 
* If no and you rent, do you have written permission to have a housedog on the premises? (A signed copy will be required before placement)
Yes     No
* What size is your yard, if any?
* What type of fencing do you have, if any?
* Is it completely fenced?
Yes     No
* Have you ever owned a French Bulldog?
Yes     No
* From which Breeder(s) or rescue?
* Do you currently own any other pets??
Yes     No
* If Yes, What types / breeds?
* Are they spayed or neutered?
Yes     No
* Have you ever owned any other pets??
Yes     No
* What types / breeds?
* If you have owned any other pets before, where are they now?
* Do you plan to or do you have pet insurance?
Yes     No
* If yes, who is your carrier?
* Please list your Veterinarian(s) and his/her address(s), with phone number(s).
* What was the reason for your last Vet visit?
* Please list 3 references we can contact. (Please list contacts name, address and phone number or email address.) 
* Have you ever been convicted of or under investigation for animal cruelty?
Yes     No
* What is the primary reason you are considering a French Bulldog?
* What kind of training do you plan for your puppy?
* What kind of food do you feed or plan to feed?
* Does anyone in the family have allergies to animals? Explain.
* What is the activity level of your household?
Busy - visits by friends, meetings, children, parties in your home
Noisy - TV, stereo, machinery, tools, lots of kids playing
Moderate - Normal comings and goings
Quiet - "homebodies", few guests

* Under what circumstances would you not keep this dog?
* Do you have a swimming pool? If yes, is it fenced separately from the rest of the yard?
* What type of shade will you provide when this dog is outside?
* Will this puppy be a member of the family or an outside/garage/basement kept pet?
 An immediate health check is essential for the welfare of the dog and your peace of mind. This needs to be done within the first THREE (3) business days of taking your puppy home. Considering the high cost of veterinary care, are you willing and able to afford the necessary medical care and further vaccinations necessary to keep your new pet healthy?

Yes    No


Most reputable Breeders place high quality companion puppies for $4,000 - $6,500 and can be expected to offer advice/guidance for the life of the dog. This is a very special breed which typically requires the aid of humans to copulate, give birth and then raise to 12/13 weeks of age. We take every stage of their development very seriously to insure you have a healthy, well adjusted puppy to welcome into your family.

Do you understand the moral, physical and financial responsibility of adding a French Bulldog to your family?

Yes    No



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